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Here are some questions that we are asked a lot. I hope they help!

1. Is this real glass or is it plastic?

Answer: Yes. It is real glass!

2. Is the color on the glass painted on?

Answer: No. The glass comes in hundreds of colors. Its the same colors all the way through the glass.

3. What is the difference between Tiffany style stained glass (copper foil method) and the lead came style?

Answer: Lead came style stained glass uses strips of lead (or zinc, copper or brass) between the pieces of glass which is then soldered at each joint. Because lead is very soft, cement is forced under the strips to make them more rigid.
With Tiffany style, each piece of glass is wrapped with copper foil and then its soldered to the pieces next to it. This creates a more rigid framework without using cement. This is method I use.

4. What makes the black lines between the glass?

Answer: The black lines are solder (which starts out as shiny silver) that has had a chemical applied to it to give it an aged appearance. This is called patina. I almost always use black. We add a special process that will make the final appearance look like a "gun steel " color.

5. What is the difference between single pane (just the stained glass) and triple paned (insulated)?

 Answer: Single pane is just the stained glass. It can be installed just like a single pane of glass. This is the least energy efficient.
 A single pane can also sometimes be clipped in behind your existing glass or installed with molding or a frame behind your existing glass. Putting in it behind your glass will give a little more insulation than just the single pane.
Triple paned means it is a sealed unit. There is a piece of clear glass on both sides of the stained glass and it is a sealed unit with a band of desiccant inside to keep it from fogging up.
This would be the most energy efficient. We cannot ship triple paned units, they must be picked up.

6. Can I pick my own colors?

Answer: Yes you can. You can either tell me what colors you would like or you and I will put them on a drawing for you or you can come and pick out the actual glass that you want me to use. If you're not sure about colors, I can send you a few color combinations and you can pick from those.

7. How much does it cost?

Answer: The prices are based on several things...the size, the design and whether or not it needs to be triple paned (insulated). Unless I know this information, I can't give you an exact price. If I have to design something special for you then there may be a design fee also.

8. What information do I need to give you to get a quote?

Answer: You will need to give me the size of your least an approximate size to start with. I will need to know if it will be in an outside application. If so, you may want it to be triple paned.
It would also be helpful if you have a design in mind...either from my selection of patterns or something you've seen or would like to have made. We would also like to see pictures of the inside and outside of your window including closeups of the molding or frame.

9. Can you give me a quote based on a photo if I give you the size?

Answer: Yes. As long as its a fairly good picture, I can give you an quote. I can reproduce just about any design from a photo.

10. Do you install?

Answer: Yes, we can install in most circumstances. We do have to physically see and measure where the window will go before we can determine that. We will not install any window or transom that we do not measure ourselves. Installation is not included in the price of the is a separate service. We only do local (around Baltimore) installations. We do not do outside installations in bad weather. We can install arched windows only if we can use the existing frame or molding.

11. How is the stained glass installed?

Answer: There are different methods of installing your windows and transoms. We will suggest what we feel is the best for your particular circumstance. Sometimes we can re-use an existing frame, sometimes we have to make a new one. Sometimes triple paneing your window would be best. Sometimes we will clip or silicone the stained glass in behind you existing glass, especially if it is already double paned. Other times we will install the stained glass behind your existing glass with molding. It depends on your needs and wants.

12. Can I install my own stained glass?

Answer: Yes, of course you can. We will even give you suggestions if you need them.

13. Do I have to pay for you to come to my house and measure?

Answer: Yes, there is a fee for measuring. It is not refundable if you decide not to purchase a window. If you purchase it, the fee will be deducted from the price (Baltimore area only). The price of the window and the design will be determined before we come and measure.

14. Do you make frames?

Answer: Yes, we do make frames if you need one. We do not make arched frames.

15. How do I take care of my windows?

Answer: If they are triple paned then you only need to wash them like you would any other window. If they are not triple paned (for inside applications), you can carefully wash them with a glass cleaner (don't push too hard!) and then polish them with pledge and a soft cloth. If you really want a nice shine, you can apply carnuba car wax with a cloth, let it dry and then use a small brush to get the wax out of the corners and then use a clean cloth to buff it. This is what I do before you get your window.

16. Do I have to use one of the designs in your blog?

Answer: No, you can pick something from my blog, design something yourself or send a picture of something and I can make something similar to it.

17. Can I design my own window?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! If you are feeling artistic and want to design your own window, we encourage it! I love to make stained glass from my customers designs. It makes it very special to them and its fun for me to see their ideas. Sometimes adjustments have to be made to them so that I can actually cut the glass but we can always work it out!

18. What zip codes, counties and states have I made stained glass for?

Answer: I have made transoms all over Baltimore, the surrounding counties and states.
Here are some of the areas and zip codes where I have customers:
Federal Hill, Locust Point, Canton, Fells Point, Hampden, Highlandtown, Pigtown, Perry Hall, Ellicott City, Gardenville, Lauraville, Capitol Heights, Finksburg, Westminster, Guilford, Rockville, Catonsville, Greektown, 21230, 21218, 17361, 21211, 21048, 21157, 20002, 21224, 21231, 37403, 21043, 21042, 21229, 21206, 21201, 21214, 20850, 21228, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, DC, Virginia, New Mexico, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Delaware, North Carolina, California, Japan and of course many, many in Maryland...especially Baltimore City!

19. Do I give any discounts?

Answer: Yes, I do.
I give a 10% discount to anyone who is active military because I appreciate what they do for us!

20. Do you have gift certificates?

Answer: Yes, I do.
You can get a gift certificate in any denomination towards the purchase of  any kind of stained glass piece...transom, panel, cabinet insert, etc.
It's a great gift when you don't know what to get someone.

21. Do you have any items in stock?

Answer: No, sorry...I do not usually have any transoms or panels in stock.
Each item is custom made to your exact size and color preferences.
If you need a stained glass piece for a gift you will need to allow ample time for it to be made.
Many customers will place an order and then if there is not enough time to get it made for the occasion they will just give the recipient a picture of what it will look like.

 22. Can you ship transoms, panels and windows?

Answer: Yes, we can ship single pane only...providing they are not too large. We cannot ship triple paned units.

If you have any other questions, please email me at

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