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Welcome to Vintage Style Stained Glass!
We specialize in custom stained glass address transom windows, transoms with or without an address, kitchen cabinet inserts, hanging panels and sidelights. 
     We would like to introduce you to our unique stained glass style that is becoming popular once again with the local Baltimore City, Maryland and Washington, DC (and maybe your city too!) row home owners, remodelers and contractors. Baltimore City has certain characteristics that are unique to us alone and make us stand out from other cities. These include painted screens, white marble steps (or stoops as they call them here!) , and beautiful stained glass transoms above the doors and windows on thousands of row homes, most of them with the house numbers on them.
     Too many homes in the city have had the original stained glass transoms removed and the character of the home and the neighborhood is lost forever. We are attempting to restore the look of "Old Baltimore" and bring back the charm that once was. We are sure this is happening in other cities too.

     We handcraft each stained glass transom so that it has the appearance and elegance of the originals. The Tiffany style stained glass transoms are reminiscent of the look of most Baltimore City neighborhoods and are made with or without house numbers. Some are available in matching sets, one for the over the door and one for over the window.
We try to use glass colors and textures that closely match the originals. We have created many designs and we are adding more all of the time so check back often. We have a few small samples that are available for review (if you are in the Baltimore area).
Each window will be custom made to fit any size required. The patterns will have to be adjusted to accommodate the size so the design may change slightly.
As an option, we also offer triple glazing. This "sandwiches" the transom between two pieces of clear glass to seal it and protect it from the elements. The seal has desiccant in it to prevent moisture. The glazing makes the transom very easy to clean and makes the home more energy efficient. 
If you don't see anything here that you like and you have a good picture of an old, existing window that you would like re-created, we can custom make the pattern and should be able to come close to your idea.

    Take a look at some of the pictures of the windows we have done and ride by them and see them in person if you can. We are also putting pictures of old transoms (some are new) from around Baltimore here for you to look at. Look in the "Old, original transoms around town" section for them. Most of these designs can be re-created.
We can also make indoor transoms, panels to hang in your window, sidelights and kitchen cabinet door inserts. Some examples of those are below also.
You can double click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.
We now have gift certificates available for you to give to someone special.
Stop in and see our friends at The Glass  and Screen Hospital on Middle River Rd if you need your windows or screens repaired. They are great folks to do business with.

Check out the new FAQ page. It might answer some of your questions!

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I have more photos then anyone around so please enjoy them!

Thanks for looking!!

Here's a count of how many transoms, windows, cabinet inserts and other things I've made as of 1-20-19
Not all of them are shown here.

This is a closeup of a "triple paned" transom. There is a piece of clear glass on both sides of the stained glass. On the edge of the green glass you can see a band of zinc came that surrounds the stained glass. Then you can see a silver band. That is a desiccant filled channel that prevents condensation. The black on the outside edge is rubber filler that seals the entire unit. Nothing but the colored stained glass will show after the unit is installed. If your stained glass can't be installed behind an existing or new piece of clear glass then we highly recommend that it be triple paned. Some people offer double paned stained glass but these are NOT sealed units. It is just the stained glass with a piece of plain glass either in front or in back of it. Please note...we cannot ship triple paned units, they must be picked up.

We offer several different types of numbers. The first four are cut from glass and made into the transom. These are done in a variety of different styles.
These are some samples of of what we call "cut" numbers. They are made of glass and built into the window. They are available in many different styles. These are just a few. These is the most popular way of adding numbers.


These are gold leaf numbers (they are vinyl not real gold leaf). This works great for a simple border design or if you just want clear glass in your transom. Sorry the picture is not so good!

Here is some of my work!
You can double click on any of these pictures to enlarge them. 

This is a sample transom that we take to show our customers. It is triple glazed.
This is called "Peony"

These next 3 pictures are very small samples so they only have glued on numbers. A real transom would not have these kind of numbers.

Another sample transom
called "Cactus Flower"

And another sample!
This is "Lily"

Another small sample but with "real" numbers!

Here's the same design but it's a real full size transom!
This design has been retired and is no longer available.

This address transom has our state flower, the Black-Eyed Susan

This pretty crab is going to live at Chincoteague Bay.

This is definitely a Maryland theme...Crabs!
This design can only be used on a large window only

Here's a nice arched crab window for a couple who are not originally from Maryland but they wanted a symbol that was representative of the area

Here's the matching address transom

Here are the two installed

Here's a Baltimore flag...well half of it anyway.
It is a really small transom!

Here it is installed.

This is a nice Maryland flag!

Here's half of a Maryland flag. The window was too small to fit the whole flag.

I make a lot of these flags...all different shapes and sizes. They are very popular in Baltimore!

Here it is installed.

Another nice Maryland Flag

Here it is installed

Here is a whole flag with the address

This a DC flag transom.

Here's one without the address

This is a variation of the DC Flag.
It adds a little extra color to it!

DC Flag made into an arch

This is it from the inside

This is it from the outside

 This one was designed to match my customers tattoo that had very special meaning to her.
 My customers are great! This one is in DC.

This one is called "Squares" It is made of bold colors.
It really stands out.

Another one with bold colors!

Here it is installed.

Same design but softer colors.

Here's another version of "Squares".

Here it is installed.

 More colors!

Yep...more colors!

Uh, Huh...more colors!

This is one of my favorite designs. Because it is a very long and skinny transom it was made in three pieces. This is the right end piece. It now lives in a beautiful old Victorian house in San Francisco.

This is a skylight for the same house in San Francisco.

This was made to match an existing door

Very colorful arch

A very nice bamboo design

This one lives in Delaware.

This one lives in Washington, DC now.

This one is now brightening up Greektown. It lets lots of light in.

Very elegant with a black border.

This one is very pretty and modern.
My wonderful customers' house was decorated with circles so what else would she have on her transom!

This one went all the way to Japan! In Japan, rather than having their house numbers, they like to have their last name.

This beautiful arch is now in DC. It was made to be similar to a very old transom that was made with dark glass but it looks more modern with clear glass and bright colors!

Here's how it looks installed.

This was made for a nice Tudor style home in Indiana. It hangs outside on a brick wall.

Here it is hanging on the wall

This was a replacement for an old broken transom with the same design
Here it is installed.

Another similar one.
This very colorful transom must really brighten up the room!

 This one sure lets a lot of light in!
It's made of all transparent glass

Another one with different colors.

 And another.

This is another variation of the same theme.

This simple design was made for an inside transom

Here it is installed.

These two were made to match the one above. They were also made for inside transoms.

Here's one of them installed

This is in Canton.

This is a matching one for the
side door.

This was designed for a customer in Columbus, Ohio. Everything on it has a very special meaning to him. Here's what he said when I sent him a photo of it:
"Wow! It’s beautiful! I have been looking at it for a few minutes and I am moved by it. It is my life, summarized in a transom. My family, the woman I love, my city, my university, my business and my home are all there if you know what to look for. Thank you for your help with this!"

This transom was made for a very special dog named Vinnie who passed away.
He traveled the world with his humans and everyone loved him.
He'll be missed.

This is Clara...she was made as a surprise gift for her companion who was won over by her when she wandered into his life one day.

This is near Patterson Park.

This is the same design with different colors.
This is in Locust Point. There are a lot of address transoms around there.

It's a amazing how the same design can look so different just by changing the colors!

Another one of the same design but different colors.

This is really a popular design!

This is what the whole transom looked like.

More colors, same design!

The same design without an address.

This is a very colorful lily design.

 This is another color combination of the design above.

More colors!


This is a simple one, but pretty!
It's on Fleet St. This called "Simple Lily"

More colors!

This was made to match a larger existing transom over a window. There probably was one like this over the door at one time but it disappeared at some point!

This is now in DC.
I think this is one of my favorites because it's soooo colorful!


Here it is from the outside.

This arch is similar in design to the one above but needed to be made smaller to fit the size and shape of the window.

This is a sort of nautical transom.

This is in an old farmhouse in Rockville

This is in Federal Hill.
Lots of address transoms there too!
Same design but now lives on Capital Hill.

This is a very popular design but every time the colors change it looks so different!

This is the same design as the Federal Hill
but with less pieces.

Another nice combination of colors!

Another one!

This was made to match the one above the back door

Here's another one with some great colors!

Here it is installed (day time)...I love their purple door...I want one!

Here it is at night...still looks nice even in the dark!

The pretty window is in Federal Hill

Here it is installed

This was made with colors to look like water.
This was designed by a customer and
his wife who are musicians

Here it is from inside

 And from outside

This one has some very pretty colors in it.

This is also near Patterson Park.
Another area with a lot of transoms.

These two very colorful windows were made to match an existing larger window.


This looks good with primary colors.

It also looks good with pastel colors

A nice oval with calla lilies for a bathroom window

This was made to match the very old original transoms in one particular neighborhood in Baltimore The original transom had been removed years ago, the house was being restored and this was the replacement.

This was made for a customer in NYC who grew up in Baltimore and remembered this design from his Grandmothers house.

Here are two of the transoms above installed in his NYC apartment. They look fantastic! Now NYC has a little piece of East Baltimore in it!

 This is very pretty with fall-ish colors!

Very colorful!

A similar design in different colors.

 This is a very nice flower design. The colors that my customer picked are soft and pretty.

Some more flowers in soft colors.

This beauty lives in PA. Its a nice colorful design that will go inside the house.

This transom is on Hudson St.

This pretty transom and sidelight set gives plenty of privacy as well as letting in maximum light.

Here's a close up of the transom

This is 1 of 2 arched windows that were made to match another one on the street. (originally designed by Anna Croyle) These are from the interior of the home.

This is the second one. These were fun to make but they were a challenge. They turned out beautiful and really light up the room!

Here they are in my customers beautiful remodelled 19th century Queen Anne style rowhome in the Barclay Greenmount area.

This nice little arch fit in perfectly with another very old stained glass window in this customer's home.

This was made to have the same colors and elements that were in the front door

This is a very lovely small panel to hang in a window

This was made for a wedding gift for a couple who got engaged in Scotland. It was a surprise gift from their family. They were soooo sneaky!

Here it is installed.

This sort of has a Pennsylvania Dutch feel to it!

 This is called "Purple Flowers"...not much imagination when I named this one!

This is a similar size.
It's triple glazed.
This is on N. Milton St.

This is on Washington Blvd.The moulding and the transom make it look very elegant.
The owners did a great job!

I made 5 of these transoms for Highland Ave. to match the new doors.

 This is a simple clear design without numbers.

 This is an installed tulip design on
Sargeant St.

These tulip transoms are very popular!

This arched tulip transom was made for Hollins St.

And here it is installed. No door when this picture was take but the transom looks nice!

This is a very small but pretty one!
This is called "Long Tulips"

Another variation of the tulips. This one went all the way to New Mexico! guessed it, more tulips!

This is a little different kind of tulip.

Here's another one with the same tulips.

Here it is installed.

This very simple design was made to replicate the center of a much larger transom. The center was the only part that was broken...the sides were in good shape and luckily the original was designed in a way that we could remove just the center and replace it. This is in DC.

Okay..on this one you can't see the numbers very good because of my really bad photography but it's a nice design right?

Here's what the number really look like. This simulates the old style cobalt blue and white numbers. This picture is a little better!

Here's the same design (same bad photographer!) with different colors and a clear background.

This is a simple transom with gold numbers.

Same pattern, different house.

This pretty firey red one went to New York!

Here's a pretty one that now resides in Federal Hill!

You don't always have to have your address in your transom!

This transom is on Madeira St.
The address really shows up good
at night.

Heres another version of the same transom.

The same one in different colors.
This one found its way to Tennessee.

This very colorful transom lives in DC.

More colors!

Here's another color combination.

 The two pictures below show it installed from the inside and outside.

These were made to add some color to an old french door.

Here they are installed in the door

This is a pretty, modern transom and really lets a lot of light in!

This is the matching address transom

Here they are installed

This was made in two pieces. When it was installed it had a wood divider in the middle.

Here's what it looked like installed

This is a small insert for a front door

This one lets a lot of light in but is very elegant.

Yin Yang Fish

These pelicans live in a condo building in DC.

This is in DC over door to a balcony. It really livened up the room. This design can only be used for a large window.

This was made as a door insert to match the existing side lights and transom. We were able to find glass that blended perfectly.

The insert was installed in a unique way into a french door so it would still allow a lot of light to come in.

This was also made for a door. A really large one! this was triple paned with safety glass and it was really heavy.

This was designed by my customer who totally renovated his house in DC and put the finishing touch on it with this transom!

This is the transom when it was installed

Some Irish knots.

Irish knots and shamrocks

Here's the Irish knots and shamrocks installed

This pretty shamrock is for a window but
with a little redesign it could also be a

Another Irish design!

 Here's nice multi-colored Irish knot.

Pretty mermaid!

A "Great" Great Blue Heron! This was made to put in front of a fireplace for a little color.

Here it is installed. Of course it can't stay there when there is a fire in the fireplace!

A close up

Another close up!

This one was made to match the Bavarian flag.

This is a transom and matching sidelight.


This is on Lamley St.

This is on Marshall St.
in Federal Hill

This is another one of my favorites.
It really brightens up a room
and it was fun to make!

This is similar but its made
with different textures of
clear glass.

Here's another variation of the same design.

Still another version. Very pretty and of course one of my favorites because of all the colors!

Another one...I do love to make these colorful transoms. They are very cheerful!

This was made in three sections to use as a room divider for a customer in DC.

This is in Locust Point in Baltimore

This transom was made to match the style of the existing door

Here it is installed

This is in DC. Very colorful. It was made to match the iron scroll work on the door.

This is the neighbor of the transom above and has a similar theme

This was made for a customer who wanted a duplicate of the transom that was in their grandmothers house.

This unique transom was designed by a member of the Lumbee tribe for his house in Baltimore and has special meaning to him.

Another dreamcatcher for a customer with an American Indian heritage

This one is in DC. Very simple colors!

This one is in Baltimore. This is a very popular old design here. They are everywhere!

The same design with different colors

A nice design that keeps light out but makes the colors pop!

Here it is installed in an alcove.

Here's a closeup of it

This was made for a back door to match an existing front door transom. They did not want an address on it.

This was made using rondels.
Rondels are blown or spun glass that look very similar to the bottom of a wine glass that has been broken off.

Here's another one in Federal Hill that I especially like

Another nice sailboat on a cloudy day!

This transom was made to exactly match an existing transom that didn't fit quite right!

Here it is installed

This large transom is near Patterson Park. It's a beauty!

Here it is installed

Here's a nice little blue heron that now lives in Delaware!

A pretty purple orchid in a beautiful frame.

This was a retirement gift for a very nice customer from her coworkers to remind her of her trip to visit the Abbey of Senanque in France and the lavender fields there.

This is a big transom made for the front porch

Here it is installed. My customer installed it in an unusual way. Instead of being over the front door it is on the front of the porch. Great job!

Here's another version of the same design. 
This was also a large transom.

This was made as a surprise Christmas gift. 
The Bird of Paradise flowers had very special meaning.

Here it is installed.

This was made for a man's son when he was born. 
The colors are a mixture of his birthstone and his son's birthstone.

These are two sidelights with a simple geometric pattern

Here's the sidelights installed

This is a panel to hang in a window but it could easily be made into a transom. 
The transoms that are over the inside doors in hallways, etc. are beautiful.

Its hard to tell but this is a skylight

This is a kitchen cabinet door that we
made for a friend.

She designed it herself!

A close up of the same cabinet door

Here it is installed in the cabinet.

The border on this cabinet insert was remade to be wider (and the color changed) when the owners moved to a different house years later and had different size cabinets

These are very tall cabinet doors

My customer designed this one himself to match the lights in his newly remodeled kitchen!

This was made for a kitchen cabinet. It looks really pretty and the Glue Chip (background) glass still hides a lot of "stuff" in your cabinet.

This was for the same customer for smaller cabinet doors.

These cabinet doors are pomegranates and they had a very special meaning to the couple who ordered them.

This is a larger door for the same kitchen with a similar design

 A nice little panel to fill in a space over a fireplace.

A small panel to hang in a window.


This is very colorful and it was very fun to make!

This is a very colorful panel thats called Bubbles and Squares.

Here's another very colorful window...I actually made this one for myself!

This is called Circles and Squares.


Here's another similar transom

Here it is installed

This was made for another door in the same house

Here's this one installed!

This is Circles and Squares also. As you can see these can be made in many varieties.

This is a little hard to see but it is made
with many different clear textures

This cute little fish bowl is made in two pieces for a sliding window.


Lou's window

A closeup of Lou's window!

Here's some sweet Forget-Me-Nots! 
This was made for someone's favorite doctor who was 
retiring to show her appreciation for her help over the years.

This octagon was designed by my customer...I love it!

This one was made for the house next door to the one above.

This is an inside transom in a hallway

This is an inside transom on Bank St.
(This bevel is no longer available but
there are lots of others!)

This is another one for Bank St.

This one is in VA and will be installed in front of a window between two kitchen cabinets.

This was made to match an existing window.

This was also made to match an
existing window but for a different


This is a nice quilt block-like beveled panel!

This is a miniature version of a much larger window 
originally designed by my customers mother years ago. 
She wanted it recreated for her.

This was made for a cub scout leader gift.
Other versions of this are available too!


This was made for gifts for the family of one of our military men. Our thoughts should always be with them.



Come back and visit often...
I'll have more soon as they are installed and I can get a good picture.

For some old transoms that I've taken pictures of go to the "Old transoms from around town" link at the top of the page on the right.

For available patterns please click on the links "Available patterns" and "More patterns" and "Sidelights and Transoms" at the top of the page on the right.